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With just 47 days to go until the election, Attorney General Bill Barr is suddenly losing his marbles in rather startling fashion. He’s always been corrupt and villainous, and a recklessly inept henchman. But now there’s something else going on: Barr is frantic, rattled, barking mad.

In the past 48 hours we’ve seen Bill Barr floating the notion of charging protesters with “sedition” – an almost hilariously impossible charge that he knows he would never get to stick – in a rather transparent attempt at scaring people into no longer protesting. But that’s just the start.

Barr also gave a laughable speech to the Department of Justice, comparing employees to “preschoolers” and yelling around about his “ultimate authority.” That’s right, Barr is so agitated right now that he’s running around like South Park’s Eric Cartman, demanding that they respect his authority. And instead of cowering to Barr, DOJ people are leaking the whole thing to the media in mocking fashion.


Bill Barr has never been any good at any of this. He failed to get the Michael Flynn case thrown out. He failed to keep Michael Cohen in prison. He failed to stop the arrests of Lev, Igor, and Steve Bannon. He failed to get Roger Stone’s sentence reduced. Barr is like evil Mr. Magoo. He’s never really had control of anything he’s trying to do. But now he’s suddenly going completely berserk in frantic fashion, suggesting that he knows it’s all totally slipping away from him. So what’s the deal?

It’s worth noting that Bill Barr’s increasingly strange behavior comes amid the report that the Trump regime was stockpiling ammunition and weapons of war to use on the peaceful protesters outside the White House. It’s long been reported that Barr ultimately gave the order to have the protesters forcibly removed and gassed. If he also gave the order to assemble weapons that would have been used for mass murder of the protesters, then his life is over if Trump loses the election. Barr will never see another day outside solitary confinement. So perhaps that’s what has sent him so far over the edge.

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