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2022 Men of the Year: Iranian HABS

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Men never get the credit they deserve. If they did, the Washington Free Beacon wouldn’t be the only publication in this once-great country to celebrate male achievement every year. Yet here we are, alone in our principles.

In 2019 the Free Beacon was the only media outlet to honor the husbands and boyfriends (HABs) of the U.S. women’s soccer players who along with then-president Donald Trump played a key role in the team’s World Cup victory.

This year we are proud to recognize a group of men whose courage in the face of tyranny our media elites have consistently ignored, much like President Joe Biden continues to deny the existence of Hunter Biden’s love child with a stripper named “Dallas.” This 2022 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year award goes out to the unsung husbands and boyfriends of the female protesters in Iran.

The New York Times described these protests, which began in September, as “led by women.” The Washington Post went so far as to call them “women-driven,” which may or may not have been a cruel joke about how women can’t be trusted behind the wheel. In any event, the media coverage has focused almost exclusively on the female protesters who removed their hijabs in defiance of the Is-lame-ic Re-thug-lic’s strict dress codes for women. Not a single word of praise for the husbands and boyfriends who gave them permission to do so.

It’s another example of how mainstream journalists and other left-wing narcissists have hijacked the so-called women’s movement. Seriously, when did #MeToo become just #Me? Women these days are constantly demanding credit and attention for “doing things” they could have never done without the support of strong male lovers. Winning a meaningless soccer tournament, for example, or protesting a beturbaned cabal of bearded freaks who think salty yogurt water is an acceptable alternative to Bud Heavy.

Iranian women aren’t the only ones yearning to breathe free. Their husbands, boyfriends, sons, and fathers have been marching in the streets alongside them, putting their lives and bodies on the line, chanting “death to the dictator.” Where’s their headline in the New York Times? Iranian men have arguably suffered even worse under the yoke of religious extremism. Most have never known the simple pleasure of ogling a waitress in a low-cut top, going splitsies on a legal abortion, or smoking crack in the VIP room of a strip club in the nation’s capital.

God willing, these fundamental freedoms will soon return to Iran, and the remarkable beauty of Persian women will be exposed for all the world to see. Keep fighting, lads. Your selflessness and heroism will never go unnoticed in these pages, you’re all Men of the Year.

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