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Amazon Pet Day deals event coming May 2-3: food, toys, carriers, and more

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The 48-hour Amazon Pet Day deals event is just around the corner, with big discounts expected from early tomorrow. It’s shaping up to be a great chance to stock up on discounted essentials or treat your furry friend to a new toy. We’ll be up bright and early tomorrow with a roundup of the best deals and updating it throughout the 48-hour sale.

Pet food deals will be a highlight and subscribe and save offers could keep the discounts going over time too. So if you’re tired of lugging sacks of the stuff home from the supermarket (ditto for cat litter), this event could bring it to your door from now on and save you money. Food, treats, and flea treatments will also be discounted, so it’s an excellent opportunity to stock up.

We’ve been busily testing some of our favorite pet products lately, so we’ll certainly be calling out the best items we’ve had experience with if they go on sale. Be sure to take a look at some of our guides for a head-start on what quality picks you should be keeping an eye out for. In our dedicated Pets Guides section, we’ve got you covered for best cat food, best dog food, best litter boxes, best dog harnesses, and many more.

If you want to make a few upgrades like a new harness, comfy bed, carriers, multi-level cat play/scratching platform, etc., you’ll be spoilt for choice tomorrow.

We’re more excited to see what’s in store on the pet toy and gadgets side of the sale. Vacuums designed for pet hair, indoor pet cameras, GPS trackers, auto feeders, chew toys, and more will feature heavily. With any luck, our cats will engage with them more than the box they came in. 

When is Amazon Pet Day?

Officially, Amazon Pet Day begins at midnight PT on Tuesday, May 2 and will end at 11:59 p.m. PT on Wednesday, May 3. This 48-hour event window is when the vast majority of deals will be going live and we’re expecting most of them to be live on day one rather than staggered between the two days.

Amazon always tends to go a little earlier than the official dates and has already started rolling out a few deals. So, we assume any discounts highlighted there now won’t be beaten when the sale officially begins. That’s how we usually see things going down when there’s an equivalent page for Prime Day deals.

Do I need Prime membership for Amazon Pet Day?

Unlike the Prime Day deals, the discounts are not blocked behind Amazon Prime paywalls. That’s not to say there aren’t often member-only discounts around the site on other days. Taking advantage of a 30-day Prime free trial during the sale could be handy though, as it will unlock free delivery on purchases over $25. This is a great time to take the service for a spin and you can always cancel it before the 30 days are up if you’re not going to be shopping there regularly or using the included Prime Video streaming service. 

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