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FTX US’s former boss Brett Harrison said he’ll ‘share in time’ what he knows about the collapsed crypto exchange

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Brett HarrisonBrett Harrison, right, former FTX US president.

(Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

  • Brett Harrison, ex-FTX US president, said he’ll “share in time” what he knows about the crypto exchange. 
  • Asked why he’s not in jail, Harrison told a Twitter user to use their powers of inference.
  • The US authorities investigating the FTX fraud case are digging deeper into what its execs knew.

Brett Harrison, once head of the US affiliate of FTX, has said he’ll reveal what he knew about the goings-on at the crypto exchange, as the wider FTX group is investigated over potential misuse of customer funds.

US prosecutors are looking into what they have called a “fraud of epic proportions” at the now-bankrupt FTX group of companies, and they have charged its ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried on eight criminal counts.

“What did you know about @FTX_Official US and when did you know it?” Twitter user James Christoph asked Sunday.

“I’ll share in time,” former FTX US president Harrison responded. He didn’t respond to a follow-up question asking him whether he is working with US regulators or prosecutors. 

But he did have an answer to another tweeted question about how he is “not in jail.”

“Use powers of inference,” said Harrison, who stepped down from his FTX role in September, before the group’s implosion in November.

FTX’s downfall, spurred by a liquidity crisis, has rocked the crypto industry and is dragging on other firms such as Gemini and BlockFi. Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to the fraud and other criminal charges against him, linked to a suspected loss of $8 billion in FTX customer funds. 

The US authorities investigating the case are reportedly digging deeper into what the company’s executives were aware of. They have doubled down on looking at Bankman-Fried’s inner circle by turning their attention to top engineer, Nishad Singh

While disgraced founder Bankman-Fried has denied any wrongdoing in US court, two of his top executives Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang have pleaded guilty to similar charges against them. 

“The difference is simply this: Caroline and Gary Wang both reached deals with the government,” Kevin O’Brien, a trial lawyer and partner at Ford O’Brien Landy LLP, told Insider.

Harrison has not explained why he left his FTX role last year and is now raising money to build a new crypto startup at an overall valuation of $60 million, the Information has reported.  

Harrison could not be reached for comment by Insider.

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