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Gaetz: Republicans must curb inflation

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(NewsNation) — Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz wants the GOP-controlled House to focus on kitchen table issues when the new Congress convenes in January.

“With the Biden administration overspending, the principal mandate for Republicans is to curb inflation. We believe that government spending is a principal driver of the inflation crushing Americans today,” Gaetz told NewsNation.

Gaetz, who is currently under investigation by the Justice Department, said the Republicans need to focus on rolling back President Joe Biden’s energy policies and bringing Trump back to the White House. When it comes to priorities, Gaetz believes fighting inflation is critical.

“Biden policies on energy have harmed our economy, and they’re being felt at the kitchen table,” Gaetz said, pointing to inflation and high gas prices.

Gaetz is currently under investigation for allegations that he paid a 17-year-old for sex. An associate of his is facing sentencing for charges including sex trafficking of a child, identity theft, stalking, wire fraud and conspiracy to bribe a public official.

Gaetz has denied the allegations and previously said they were part of an extortion plot. No charges have been brought against the congressman.

Republicans are projected to hold a slim majority in the House, which could mean picking and choosing their priorities since even a few lost votes could stall their agenda.

While many Republicans campaigned on inflation, House Republicans used their first press conference to call for investigations into the Biden administration. The focus was on investigating President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, but any investigations could take up significant time for lawmakers.

Gaetz believes the priority for a Republican-controlled House should be to roll back Biden administration policies that slowed investment in oil and natural gas.

“We need more infrastructure around liquefied natural gas. And if we do those things, I think the American people would see a tangible impact,” Gaetz said.

Those policies he said could make it through the Senate even though Democrats still control that chamber.

“There are Democrat senators who are getting calls from their constituents about these high travel prices, high gas prices, high grocery prices, and we ought to consider that first and foremost,” Gaetz said.

Biden has maintained that inflation should begin to slow thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act passed earlier this year.

“We’re talking about real money … and it’s just going to start kicking in now,” Biden said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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