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Hackers are taking advantage of the interest in generative AI to install Malware

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Threat actors are using the promise of generative AI like ChatGPT to deliver malware, Facebook parent Meta warned.

Threat actors are taking advantage of the huge interest in generative AI like ChatGPT to trick victims into installing malware, Meta warns. The hackers attempt to trick victims into installing malicious apps and browser extensions on their devices.

In March, security experts at Meta found multiple malware posing as ChatGPT or similar AI tools.

“Since March alone, our security analysts have found around 10 malware families posing as ChatGPT and similar tools to compromise accounts across the internet. For example, we’ve seen threat actors create malicious browser extensions available in official web stores that claim to offer ChatGPT-related tools.” reads the Meta’s Q1 2023 Security Reports. “In fact, some of these malicious extensions did include working ChatGPT functionality alongside the malware. This was likely to avoid suspicion from the stores and from users.

The company detected and blocked over 1,000 unique malicious URLs from being shared on its apps.

Meta also shared their findings with industry peers and other players in the cyber defense community.

The rapid evolution of generative AI space is attracting threat actors, for this reason, Meta recommends being vigilant on the evolution of the threat landscape.

“ChatGPT is the new crypto.” said Meta Chief Information Security Officer Guy Rosen.

Meta also revealed that its research teams are working on the adoption of generative AI to detect and block online influence campaigns.

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