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High-profile Murdaugh trial brings onlookers to South Carolina

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(NewsNation) — All eyes remain on South Carolina as jury selection in Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial continued Tuesday. The high-profile trial is bringing onlookers to Walterboro, South Carolina.

With high intrigue in the case, some trial watchers gathered across the street from the Colleton County Courthouse for what feels almost like a food truck party. But some bystanders ultimately believe the trial represents much more than just the killings of Alex Murdaugh’s wife Maggie, and son Paul.

Larry Adams grew up in the South Carolina Lowcountry and is keeping an eye on the trial.

“Hopefully, they’ll do the right thing. The whole nation is watching them and it can’t be time for the good ole boy stuff. We’ve got to have real, true justice,” Adams said.

Adams has been discussing the case with his wife, Sandra, who questions how impartial a local jury could be in this situation.

“The jurors are all from here. How fair is it going to be?” she asked.

Rose Lodehope and her friend Robin Pato drove an hour to the courthouse, hoping to catch a glimpse of Alex Murdaugh.

“It (the case) has so many different storylines. This is not the only thing, the murder trial. It goes really in depth and has a lot of intrigue. It’s very interesting and sad, actually,” Pato said.

With the family’s power and prominence in the area, Lodehope thinks Murdaugh could end up walking away from the trial without a conviction.

“I think he could get off, yes. Just because of the big name they are and all the things they have gotten away with,” Lodehope said.

Talking with people from the area about the trial comes with a quick realization that this is all about a lot more than just a trial. It’s bigger, a history, they say, of powerful families who feel above the law.

“How our city is run, all the people who we elect. Now is the time for you to work. And I am going to leave it just like that,” Nicole Holmes said.

Could the trial bring about change to the community? Adams said he hopes so.

“Let them see they can’t keep doing the same thing and getting away with stuff like this,” Adams said.

When Alex Murdaugh was brought into court Monday morning, he was quiet. But on Tuesday, he turned and looked at some of the potential jurors and said “good morning,” and some of them said, “good morning” back to him.

About 120 prospective jurors are expected to return to court Wednesday morning for selection. Once that jury pool is narrowed down, opening statements could begin in the afternoon.

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