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Here’s how a few thousand dollars — instead of $20,000 — can make your living room better than the stadium for watching the Super Bowl

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The living room.The living room.

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  • The least expensive Super Bowl tickets are at least $4,000, with average prices between $7,000 and $10,000.
  • Adding the cost of air travel, a hotel, and food could bring a Super Bowl trip for two over $20,000.
  • For those with disposable income, the Super Bowl could be a good time to upgrade your home’s entertainment options.

Attending one of America’s biggest cultural events unsurprisingly comes with a massive price tag, but in 2023, technology has improved, which can make watching the Super Bowl at home even better than the real thing.

The cheapest tickets to the big game are $4,000 to $5,000, and the average price for a single ticket is currently $7,000 to $10,000, on secondary market sites.

Factoring in travel to Glendale, Arizona, food, and the cost of a nearby hotel room, estimates for a Super Bowl trip for two could easily reach around $20,000.

The high price tag has led to a different, more upscale atmosphere at the game; Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback Joe Burrow said that at last year’s Super Bowl he felt like the entertainment at a “dinner party.”

For fans with that much disposable income who aren’t invested enough to get tickets, high-end upgrades could make a viewing experience at home more comfortable than any nosebleed seats ever could be.


The newest upscale televisions (at least ones not coated in alligator skin and gemstones) typically cost from $2,000 to $4,000 and can last for years, compared to a one-time experience of attending the Super Bowl.

Sound systems

A high-level sound system can range from a soundbar to several surround-sound speakers in a room. Similar to TVs, prices can vary depending on quality and number of speakers, but several full-performance systems sit just under $2,000.


An Insider report in November found several TV stands ranging from a few hundred dollars to $12,000.

An August report provided options for dozens of couches to upgrade the comfort of your Super Bowl watching experience and your living room.

In total, a new TV, sound system, TV stand, and couch can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars, all the way up to the $20,000+ one would spend on a trip to the real Super Bowl. And it’s possible to have it all bought, delivered and assembled in the week before the game.


Staying home provides the opportunity to cook a preferred Super Bowl snack rather than waiting in long lines and paying stadium prices.

At State Farm Stadium where the Super Bowl is held this year, one beer is $7 and hot dogs are $4.75 each. NFL fans spend an average of $58 per game, usually buying for more than one person, according to one study.

Comparatively, the Bureau of Labor Statistics data says an average pack of hot dogs sits at $5.22 per pound. A pack of hot dug buns is about $2.50 at Walmart, and a six-pack of Bud Light costs around $8.50, while craft beers can be more expensive, around $10-15 for a six pack.

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