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‘I wasn’t followed’: Idaho ride-share driver comes forward

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(NewsNation) — The ride-share driver who brought Kaylee Goncalves and Maddie Mogen home before they were murdered shared exclusive details Friday with NewsNation about the drive home.

A total of 40 days have passed since the killing of the four University of Idaho students, and a suspect has not been named. The driver told NewsNation he’s replayed the night “every single day.”

“I have a very good memory … I wasn’t followed. There was nothing weird. There was absolutely nothing strange about that street,” the driver told NewsNation’s Alex Caprariello. “There were no people in cars with their lights on. It was just a normal night up on Greek row. I mean, you could hear the thumping from the frat houses down the street, but that’s pretty normal.”

The driver is one of the few ride-share drivers in the city of Moscow, and he said knew the murdered girls. He had driven them all home in the past.

The police apparently did not call him or seek him out after the murders. However, after learning about the murders on the news, he called the police and turned in digital information, including a timed receipt from a Taco Bell, to clear his name.

He was never named a person of interest and was cleared immediately.

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