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Key task of state and people is to support Defense Forces

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The key task of the state and men and women is to help the Protection Forces and give Ukrainian defenders with everything they require.

“Our fellas are actual heroes. And this is our critical endeavor – each of the point out and the folks – to do almost everything possible to support our Defense Forces, to bolster our Defense Forces, to find everything necessary for our Protection Forces in the environment. I know how tough it is in Bakhmut, in Donbas. Guys, maintain on! I am with you. The people are with you,” President Volodymyr Zelensky mentioned in his evening address.

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The Defense Forces of Ukraine firmly hold positions in the most tricky directions, he emphasized.

“How many moments have the occupiers planned to capture all of Donbas, be in Bakhmut… How many instances have they currently declared new phrases of their advance, their victories,” Zelensky noted.

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He thanked absolutely everyone who assists to reinforce Ukraine, who will be in a position to say soon after this wintertime that bringing the victory closer is also his or her particular outcome, personal accomplishment.

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As the Basic Workers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported, Russian troops are striving to boost their tactical place in Avdiivka and Bakhmut directions.


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