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LABRAT KNATS! – By Michael Novakhov

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The “words of prophets”?

Or the weapons of the “Hybrid War”?

Updates: 1.9.18 | First Published on 12.24.17
I tried to understand the hypothetical meanings (this process may also be called the “semantic analysis”, “hermeneutic interpretation”, etc.), of the “message of crime”, in the four recent “accidents” suspicious for “terrorism”, within the context of the crime scenes and the circumstances of these episodes and concluded that all of them can be viewed as the “performance crimes or acts”, conceptually within the realm of the “Performance Arts” phenomena.  These “message crimes” are committed largely for the sake of broadcasting the “criminal” message, with the purposes of intimidation, warning, “punishment”, propaganda, etc. These are the crimes for show and documentation, designed to be performed with flair and panache; as a movie, drama, story, picture, graffiti, or dreamlike, with the aims to reach the broadest and the most susceptible audience. The broad and intensive media coverage reflecting the fleeting interest of the news-consuming public is the organic feature of these episodes; direct and indirect media manipulations and influencing are also possible. The use of these “accidents” as the broad communication tools, subject to interpretations, within the large and disparate criminal groups, is also a possibility. Many other previous “accident” episodes do fit this structural pattern of the “message crimes”. 
The four recent episodes under analysis are: 1) The “LABRAT KNATS!” – Tacoma WA train derailment and 2) “GHOSTSHIP” fire in Oakland CA, with the graffiti as the backdrop for the scenes in these two episodes, 3) Las Vegas (“Manda-lay-bay”) shooting crime scene, and 4) the Manhattan track “accident” episode. They all have three components for the overall interpretations of their meanings, in variously predominant degrees: 1) the visual: picture, graffiti, 2) the action, drama, story, or 3) the verbal-linguistic component. The conceptualization of these “message crimes” typology might be helpful in their investigations by generating new hypotheses, leads, ideas, and understanding. The correct interpretation of the “message of the crime” is the key to the understanding of these crimes as the phenomena and their analyses, which in turn benefits the successful investigations of these “crimes for the sake of transmitting and broadcasting the messages”. 


Update 1.8.18: 
The similarity between the putative or suspected for “terrorism” domestic “accidents” and the foreign terrorist propaganda appears to be evident in both style and substance, which leads to the hypothesis of the common roots, actors, perpetrators, organizers, and authors, and also, and importantly, the common strategy and the design of these acts. 
See also the following searches and articles on this subject: 

The almost miraculous resolution of the “ISIS crisis” (that was apparently, to quite a visible degree, started, conducted, and “resolved” in the media), within the context of the first year of Trump’s Presidency, besides all the deserved credits, induces also some thoughts about the role of the deliberate design in the origins, process, and manifestations of this crisis, outside of its immediate theater of operations. This line of thought corresponds with the hypothesis of the “message crimes” of some of the various domestic “accidents”, and their possible causal connections with the various world terrorist groups, their “message crimes”, and their handlers. This connection was alluded to in the previous statistical comparison of the domestic accidents and the global terrorist threats. 
See also: 


Michael Novakhov 

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LABRAT KNATS!” – The “words of prophets” or the weapons of “hybrid wars?” – By Michael Novakhov

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Joker Graffiti – GS

The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964) 

Lyrics: Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night And touched the sound of silence And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never shared No one dared Disturb the sound of silence “Fools,” said I, “you do not know Silence like a cancer grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you” But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming

And the sign said: “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And whispered in the sound of silence” | | |

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“LABRAT KNATS!”, “GHOSTSHIP”, and The Luxor Sphinx: The Arts And Weapons Of The “Hybrid Wars” – Semantic Analysis of The Recent “Accidents” as The “Performance Arts”. What Are The Root Causes of Mass Killings in the U.S.? – By Michael Novakhov

LABRAT KNATS! – 6:23 AM 12/20/2017 – Tacoma Wa train accident claims of responsibility: ‘Antifa’ Falsely Linked to Amtrak Train Derailment by Right-Wing Conspiracy Peddlers – LABRAT KNATS! Disney unveiled the latest addition to its animatronic Hall of Presidents: a moving, talking rendition of Donald Trump. 

Lab Rat, see the light at the end of this tunnel!

Abandon your Tunnel Vision for the Modern Prophecies of The American Graffiti Art, now fetching millions at the auctions… Aind zis iz zi “writing on the wall”, by LabRat… 

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions 

“LABRAT KNATS! That’s your name!” 

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”: Numbered, numbered, weighed, and divided”. 

“Click, brick, and mortar”, Impressive Digital Monumentalism with the solid Biblical Roots

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Semantic Analysis of The Recent “Accidents”

as The Performance Arts“: 

Did we become just the “LabRat – Knats”?!

Did we become the massive supply of the human Guinea pigs, bred as the unwitting subjects for the various experiments, on and off-line, of the various foreign intelligence services?
Just as a side, and maybe not adequately or well-informed comment: the GRU – Russian Military Intelligence, is the prime suspect among them, and several other candidates are in tow. The long-standing GRU – FSB rivalry and competition, probably from the KGB times, might be the factor, and the important one, in these games. The hypothetical internecine power struggles are complicated further by the competition from the SVR, and strategically, from some “research institutes”, most notably RISS. The recent authorization for the FSB to conduct their own foreign operations is the curious development which might be relevant in this context. Many of these services, practically universally across all spectra, prefer to pose, smartly, as the “terrorists” for their covers. This newly affirmed FSB’s capacities are in logical lines with their traditional historical style, from the days of the “Operation Trust“, of the aggressive counterintelligence operations which “naturally” (conceptually, by design, or simply as a trap) outgrow and develop into the “special intelligence operations” per se. “Trump’s Kazakh connection” might be hypothetically indicative of the “protective” FSB involvement in the “Trump – Russia Affair” as the way to address this issue and the Kazakh concerns. This hypothetical FSB involvement might have been subcontracted to the Mob level below (?) them, and it might have served as the distraction and the cover, and possibly as the false flag, for the other, more sophisticated (and less crude and clumsy?), more specialized intelligence services. Truly “multilevel, overlapping, competitive” intelligence services: the system apparently perfected by Stalin and used with ease by Putin. This is again, just a side comment
Does the FBI see the big picture or do they prefer to stay blind because it is more convenient and easier for them?  I think that the answer, apparently intended in this “accident”, could not be more of a direct hit. It is also directed at the FBI itself, calling them the “Lab Rats”, incapable of conducting the real, in-depth investigations and uncovering the truth, and incapable of solving the real problems. 
Somewhat similar sentiment regarding the current perceptions of decline was columnized by Bret Stephens who noted that “There’s no need to obsess about electoral collusion when 

the real issue is moral capitulation.” 

Is this the truth?! 

To the list of “explanations” of “Russia scandal” in that NYTimes op-ed, I would add one more, maybe the main one, and maybe the most troubling one: the suspicion of Trump’s personal financial interest in his pro-Russian policies and stances. In other words and in plainer English, that he was bought by Russia in some ways or fashion, as the contemporary Russian habit is in dealing with their problems: to bribe or to kill. Here they appear to do both, with the killing of the “moral” kind: undermining the trust in the American democratic values and institutions, killing America “softly”. Very much in line with the modern trends of the Psycho-Geo-Politics.
Such a comfy, cuddly, furry, (Panda cum Russian Bear, “Happy Family”, hybrid-like), Obamanite – Russian – Chinese – Putinesque – Merkelized geo-“softness”, which in plain language is called “hypocrisy”, and in most recent terms,

the arts and the weapons of the “hybrid wars”,

and more exactly, the intelligence wars, which Putin made his main occupation and preoccupation.  
It also reminds me again the prediction made in 2011 by Ariel Cohen and Donald Jensen about  the Russian “moral black hole” and the dangers of contamination from it:
A Moral Black Hole.
The roots of the Russian elite’s discontent lie in imperial nostalgia, phantom pains of autocracy, and questionable morality. The end of communism resulted in a moral black hole—a deep spiritual and identity crisis among the elites. Corruption, alcoholism, and blurred lines between organized crime and authority reflect general alienation, recklessness, and fatalism.”
KNATSKNATSKNATS. And a lot of them. And they all want to have a “good life”. Don’t they live in the “real” America, after all? Trump Jr. will tell you more on this subject. Regardless of all these sentiments, the gnats and their predicaments do require the proper attention, even from the absent-minded FBI, and especially the human knats, and their predicaments. 

“LABRAT KNATS!” Is this The Message on The (Social) Walls?

“Here is your “Collision” – “Collusion” for you, you “Lab-rats –  g(k)nats(nuts)”! That what your name is: THE LABRAT KNATS! And I am just one of them, a little Lab Rat, “The Graffiti Artist as Prophet Writing On The Walls“. And be scared of the L.A. Brats – K-NATs, and be scared of the war with those nuts! Just by the way… And maybe, the “Antifas”, the Leftists, did it, too…” – in my interpretation. 
The calls for the full and urgent FBI and their services investigations (M.N. – 12/21/2017) – on the part of the Congress are completely justified. We have to understand what went wrong in order to do it right in the future. This includes the state of the Counterintelligence Services, especially during the Obama Administration and 2016 Elections.
Politicization is a double-edged sword. It has to be recognized and avoided equally on both sides: conservative and liberal, republican and democratic. The institutions, traditions, culture are the cornerstones of stability in the face of the ongoing political onslaught of populism and the relative extremes of the “far right” or the “far left”, for the lack of the better terms. The FBI and the other institutions have to avoid these political extremes and to stay centered, as their new Director, Mr. Wray, suggested in his letter to the FBI employees. This organization has deep, severe, and the long-standing problems. In order to be corrected, the nature of these problems has to be understood and diagnosed correctly. 
Another aspect is the connection between the current “Trump affair” and 9/11not just as an issue of inability to see and prevent them, but as the possible single causal chain, perpetuated by the same or the similar kind of actors. The follow-up on 9/11 investigation, or the review, conducted by the FBI, cannot be considered adequate, despite the many good and valid points and the criticism, dispersed in the text of this report, on which I wrote about earlier also: 
“FBI on a couch: problems and solutions | The American KGB and the Comey’s visions: can Hoover’s COINTELPRO thugs be transformed into the modern counterintelligence officers? | M.N.: The American KGB wants to take over the US government. Oy, gevalt! Maybe, it is the time to order a ticket to Madagascar…” 
Overall, this review report created (at least, for me) the impression that the FBI had the purpose of exonerating and shielding itself, by sticking to the previous, original version of the events in interpreting 9/11, limiting access to the information, as their universal and very inadequate habit is, and by selecting the sympathetic commissioners for this examination.  
“Fourteen years after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a disagreement persists within the FBI over whether others inside the U.S. had advance knowledge of the operation and supported the suicide hijackers, a special review commission found.
The commission, mandated by Congress to assess the FBI’s continuing anti-terror capabilities, said the FBI’s 9/11 investigation into a potential broader conspiracy remains open and “active.”
The original 9/11 investigation and its original commission became the object of the intense criticism themselves. 
Do not protect the FBI needlessly. It is counterproductive. The FBI has to be investigated to the utmost depth, to the bone, to the raw, painful, and ugly truth, and all of it. And the facts and conjectures have to be shared with the public. The FBI is deteriorating and degenerating in front of our eyes, and the signs of it abound. The in-depth reassessment is needed, if we want this organization to survive and to revitalize. It is not the exaggeration to add that this is the matter of survival of America herself, as we know it. 
Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! 
“To avoid long drawn-out investigations and the wasting of even more time, the I.C. should remember two of the most important lessons that emerged after 9/11: it is unwise to conceal the truth and to pretend that all is well”, opined Dana Priest in her article “Russia’s Election Meddling Is Another American Intelligence Failure”. 
Was the 2016 Election an Intelligence Failure? – asks Joshua Rovner the same question, as if in response  to this discussion, and after the detailed and scholarly analysis answers firmly affirmatively, emphasizing specifically the failure of “anticipatory intelligence”: “the failure to anticipate Russian actions is a particularly serious charge, given that the intelligence community had made anticipatory intelligence one of the key tenets of its reform effort…
The community’s effort to grapple with Russian election meddling is arguably the first real test of America’s new approach to anticipatory intelligence. While we do not have access to classified assessments, what we know suggests it missed the mark. Intelligence officials frequently warned of Russian activities, noting that it was beefing up its ability to use cyberspace for espionage, military operations, and possibly sabotage. But they largely missed the key ways in which Russia interfered in the election. While anticipatory intelligence is meant to flag discontinuities, assessments of Russian activity took an evolutionary approach.” 
Has Russian and the others’ meddling made a difference? “An examination… shows that Russia’s efforts have made little difference.” But the “the drip, drip, drip” effect is there, and “of course, Russia may still have influenced the outcome.” 
The issues of the possible intended effects and the impact of the mass killings and various “accidents” on the course of the Elections 2016, and the other, previous elections (as the tools of psychological and social “meddling” by intimidation and manipulation) remain open, unacknowledged, and unaddressed, in accordance with the “Three Monkeys Rule”. Statistically, the pre-election cycle increases in the numbers and frequencies of the suspicious accidents and mass killings are evident in a plain sight. 
This is the protracted stage of the same 9/11, Part 2. It was allowed to develop because the first part, the original 9/11 was not investigated, assessed, analyzed, diagnosed, and addressed properly and correctly. This is a heavy statement, charge, and accusation. I am aware of it, and I feel, just like many other people, thinking and writing on this subject, that there is sufficient basis to form this impression. The issues now are to re-investigate, “without fear or favor”, and to get the Truth. The FBI has to either to respond to these challenges or to fold and to close the shop. Or at best, to reorganize and to rename themselves into the Bureau for prevention of child abuse, which will be much more congruent with their current interests and abilities, but only after weeding out the psychopaths and the child molesters from their own midst, where they comprise probably no less than 50%, by the most gracious estimates. 

The calls to abolish the FBI

as the incompetent nest of corrupt psychopaths and treacherous moles, 

who try to cultivate the illusion that they own America, 

are serious, consistent, timely, and well-founded. The FBI has to be deprived of this distorting illusion, and it has to be disabused of this notion of their ownership of America; radically, swiftly, and urgently. 
There appears to be the universal chorus of the FBI criticism, both from the Left and the Right, from the conservative and from the liberal circles and authors, and also, importantly, from the DOJ itself. Some of their opinions are highlighted and quoted below. The main concerns are the lack of efficiency and the lack of professionalism, which might stem from the same causal factors which have to be objectively studied and understood fully and in-depth. 
Restricting the access to informationincluding the statistical data, needed for the criminological studies, is not the solution, but the sign of the stonewalling, panic, and helplessness. The problems are complex and multifaceted and have to be acknowledged and addressed. 
Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! 
Michael Novakhov 


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The Las Vegas Shooting And The Many Riddles of The Sphinx – by Michael Novakhov | News and Reviews 


The Root Causes of Mass Shootings in the U.S. – by Michael Novakhov

If you admit the hostile special intelligence operations nature of the mass killings as the hypothesis, then all the sociological and the statistical studies become irrelevant.
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4:28 PM 11/7/2017 – The Root Causes of Mass Shootings in the U.S., in my opinion – M.N. | NYT Shows How Not to Analyze Mass-Shooting Data – National Review

4:28 PM 11/7/2017 – The Root Causes of Mass Shootings in the U.S.: In my opinion:

If you admit as the hypothetical explanatory option the  hostile special intelligence operations nature of the mass killings, and it is impossible not to consider this scenario as “an”, if not “the” (in majority of cases) explanation, then all the sociological and the statistical studies become irrelevant, just as the gun ownership explanatory theory, which is indeed false, in my opinion. This latter factor might be contributing but not the root cause, and not the main causal factor in the modern-day U.S. culture. 
But the good thing is that we started to ask these questions and started to look for the answers. We should not let the conceptual stereotypes to cloud our judgment. One of such stereotypes, regarding “Al Qaeda”, started to crumble before our eyes: “21 Years of War with Al  Qaeda?” 
The so-called “ISIS” probably is the next in line of the abandoned illusions in waiting. 
“I did also call him” “Ishmael”, but we did not want to see this phenomenon, and we still do not want to face it, as most logically it is, which is the current state of de facto hybrid or intelligence war of deep and multi-dimensional deception with Russia and her overt and covert allies. Not an easy situation but not the reason for despair. Now, when the picture becomes clearer, all sorts of the proper questions will be asked, and all sorts of the proper answers will be sought. I think, one of the concerns might be the effects of the excessive liberal or conservative slants or biases, which apparently can be equally harmful and can enhance the security vulnerabilities by rocking the boat too much in either direction. The skillful political balance appears to be the key. 
It looks like the beginning of the end of the current wave of the pre-and-post-9/11  historical denial. So much for the powers of the very plausible self-deception: “I do not see it, because I do not want to see it”, just like the good old three monkeys
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“Why are US mass shootings getting more deadly?” – asks BBC News
I did notice this trend also and mentioned it in one of my previous posts
The answer: because the planners and the organizers of these attacks do everything to approach the military efficiency in these operations. They do view them as the para-military types of operations. The preferred use of the AR-15 (Kalashnikovs or their modifications) also points in this direction, besides serving the (deadly) commercial advertising purposes. 
“I did also call him” “Ishmael”.

"I will call him" "Ishmael"
The Global and The US Domestic Terrorism Incidents, The Mass Shooting Incidents, and The Incidents of Shooting at the U.S. Police Officers: Comparisons and The Illustrations for The Statistical Analysis – The Brinsley’s Jacket – Last and Current Update: 11.23.16 


“Some colleagues sent me the New York Times article “What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer” today. My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the chart that appears at the top of the piece, above everything else except the title and byline…”
Read more at:

“We shouldn’t care about “gun murders” or “mass shootings”; we should care about murders in general and mass killings in general, regardless of how they’re accomplished. (Up to a point it’s essentially tautological to claim that more guns translates to more problems with guns, because a society with no guns by definition cannot have any problems with them.) As I’ve noted numerous times before, there is no simple, consistent correlation between gun ownership and murder or homicide rates in general, either among developed countries or among U.S. states. More sophisticated studies face a variety of serious methodological obstacles — I don’t find any of them that compelling — and have reached varying conclusions. The research on mass shootings in particular is in an even more primitive state.”
Read more at:


What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer

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Worldwide, Mr. Lankford found, a country’s rate of gun ownership correlated with the odds it would experience a mass shooting. This relationship held even when he excluded the United States, indicating that it could not be explained by some other factor particular to his home country. And it held when he controlled for homicide rates, suggesting that mass shootings were better explained by a society’s access to guns than by its baseline level of violence.


I got a horrible suspicion:

from the times of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting of 2013, that the persons – subjects of the FBI COINTELPRO,  were brought into the psychotic or quasi-psychotic state by these technics, are picked up after that by the hostile intelligence services (the Russians are the prime suspects, of course) and somehow recruited or pushed to commit mass murders. This scenario might imply some degree of cooperation, or “collusion” between the FBI (most likely the moles) and these hostile services. Would the FBI be willing to investigate this hypothesis in honest? I very much doubt it: they are not even willing to acknowledge that the various instances of the mass killings, although without apparent or discernable motivation in the overwhelming majority of cases, might be the product of the hostile intelligence activities. FBI, I think that you should acknowledge this, and you should investigate this hypothesis in honest.

It is the well-known fact that the FBI tends to minimize or to deny the problems if it cannot understand, explain, or solve them. “In fact, the agency has blundered many terrorism investigations and thus jeopardized the security of Americans.”

Michael Novakhov 
Besides that, the designations of “terrorism vs. no terrorism” became almost meaningless, in large part because they imply the motivation factor which is always difficult or impossible to determine. The better term might be: the largely unmotivated group killings and accidents as

“Crime or Hate Crime Messages”. 

Any crime is a message and a sick one. But the “message crimes” proper have their own distinct characteristics. Very often they are staged and documented: filmed, photographed, as the acts of the Performance Arts, for the show, to enhance their appeal and reach. The main purpose of the “message crimes” is to convey the message, as a threat, intimidation, punishment, or more recently as “Propaganda“. It is also possible that these types of the messaging systems became the mode of central communications for the large and dispersed criminal networks. They were practiced throughout the history from the times pre-biblical. 
Image result for Propaganda
This conceptualization and typology might be helpful in the investigations of these type of crimes and their resolutions and prevention, by generating the new ideas and leads. 
M.N. – 12.23.17 



and The Luxor Sphinx 

The Modern Prophets Of Doom: Graffiti Arts and Accidents as Performances in America: The Writings on The Walls | Semantic Analysis of The Hate Message Crimes 

Lab Rat, see the light at the end of this tunnel!

The Modern Prophets: Graffiti Art and Accidents in America: The Writings on The Walls

“Click, brick, and mortar”, Impressive Digital Monumentalism with the solid Biblical Roots

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions 


Image result for Ghost ship fire

Ghost ship fire | 2016 Oakland warehouse fire – Wikipedia

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions 

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions 


and The Far West Side of The Lower Manhattan 

What Are The Root Causes of Mass Killings in the U.S.? 

Semantic Analysis of The Recent “Accidents” – by Michael Novakhov

The Butcher of Breitbart Makes Mincemeat of Jared – POLITICO Magazine

“LABRAT KNATS!” and other “Writings on the Walls”: Interpretations of the recent “Message Crimes” – FBI News Review

“LABRAT KNATS! That’s your name!” 

FBI News Review | | Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now! | News, Reviews, Analysis, Opinions

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”: Numbered, numbered, weighed, and divided”. 

Daniel reads the words “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, and PARSIN” and interprets them for the king: “MENE, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; TEKEL, you have been weighed … and found wanting;” and “PERES, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

(Belshazzar’s feast – Wikipedia) 

  • “Numbered, numbered”: Counted, counted, statistically processed with the available information and knowledge classified and organized; 
  • “Weighed”: evaluated, assessed for significance, impact, and logical and other connections with the other related and relevant phenomena and its place among them; 
  • “And divided”: and broken into parts and analyzed again: the knowledge is processed and repackaged for further use and decision making: “the writing on the wall, interpreted by Daniel to mean that God had weighed Belshazzar and his kingdom, had found them wanting, and would destroy them: Dan. 5:25.”

This looks like the Hermeneutic, or Interpretational round, or “the circle of Understanding”. 

מנא מנא תקל ופרסין  

The writing on the wall” is an idiomatic expression that suggests a portent of doom or misfortune, based on the story of Belshazzar’s feast in the book of Daniel. | Writing on the wall bible – GS


M.N.: Aind zis iz the strictly digital interpretation, preferring the ephemeral socialist quality in their gay, in all respects, message: Bernie Facebook Russian Propaganda:
Image result for Bernie Facebook Russian Propaganda
The subject avoids the monumentality but the style of these propaganda pieces is remarkably similar: the “coloring book”, as it was called; “for children”, I would add. Because it is the same mode of propaganda, targeting the immature minds and the impressionable audiences. This does not imply the same origin, just that the style is similar, that’s in itself is curious enough. Shall we call this the “Biblical style”? The attention of the “art people” among the investigators to this subject might be productive. – M.N. – 12.24.17
Belshazzar’s Feast is a painting by Rembrandt housed in the National Gallery, London. The painting is Rembrandt’s attempt to establish himself as a painter of large, baroque history paintings.[1][2]


“LABRAT KNATS!” and other “Writings on the Walls”:

Semantic Interpretations of the recent wave of “Message Crimes”

Gridlok – Labrat
Lab Rat, see the light at the end of this tunnel! Abandon your Tunnel Vision for the Modern Prophecies of The American Graffiti Art, now fetching millions at the auctions… 
Aind zis iz zi “writing on the wall”, by LabRat

Looks like a big tombstone. 

The writing on the wall: “LABRAT KNATS! Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin”.
Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:10:52 +0100


The Modern Prophets

5:34 PM 12/21/2017 – American graffiti art – Mike Nova’s Shared NewsLinks american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search american graffiti art – Google Search Labrat graffiti artist – Google Search Gridlok – L…

“LABRAT KNATS!” Is this The Message on The (Social) Walls?

Las Vegas Shooting

Current News, Selected Articles, Reviews, Analysis, Investigations, Opinions

The Las Vegas Shooting And The Many Riddles of The Sphinx – by Michael Novakhov

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sphinx luxor las vegas – Google Search

Image result for sphinx luxor las vegas

M.N.: My answer to one of the “many riddles of the Sphinx“, as directly opposed and logically connected with the traditional but implied answer of Oedipus (“Man”), is: “Society, Culture, State, Country”, etc., etc. The human societies as biosocial organisms pass through their own stages of development: from four to two, to “three legs”, but they usually “speak in one voice”. This “one voice” part is the essential and the inalienable part of the riddle that cannot be omitted or excluded. It changes everything in its meaning and its interpretations. 
The idea and the ideological precepts of “America in decline”, in its “three-legged” devolution phase is the predominant one among many of the Russian politicians and political thinkers, including the military and the intelligence circles. More the reaction of the offended egos than the reflection of the truth, this idea nevertheless, is fashionable, although it is baseless.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Inability to comprehend the American society and its processes in depth may lead to the practical miscalculations and mistakes in practical policies and politics. So much for the “Society and Man” dilemma and its biosocial and historical formulations, mis-formulations, solutions, and mis-solutions. 
Oedipus Rex gave the wrong answer. He was allowed to proceed due to the Sphinx’s untimely and mysterious death, possibly from the shock resulting from such an ignorance, but Oedipus was punished for this mistake in the end. He did not see the truth and he blinded himself with his mothers’ dress pin as a suitable punishment for his crime. His mistake was that in his arrogance he did not recognize the importance of the social group as compared with the individual, the predominance of the society and its well-being over the “Man”, even if this man is called a king. Sorry, Rex. You should have seen and known better.
I think, this interpretation “rhymes” (fits in) nicely with the content and the conflict of the play, and viewing the riddles of the Sphinx as essentially unresolved makes the play richer.
Another aspect of the “many riddles” is the analogy and the continuity between the animals and humans: human society descended from the animal herd and shares many of its basic features. For example, when the human crowd was shot at in front of the Las Vegas Sphinx, the stampede might have resulted, and we do not know yet what part of the death tally was caused by the shots, and what part by this hypothetical but very probable stampede.
My overall idea in interpreting this incident is, that the place and the executioner were not chosen randomly and coincidentally, that these choices were carefully selected and planned, to contain and to convey the “message”. And this message, or the “many messages”, just like the riddles of the Sphynx and their various interconnected answers, and the interpretations of these “messages”, might be quite complex.
Does this complexity reflect the complexity of the author of this incident and the complexity of his (unlikely “her”) personality? This is a separate question. Hopefully, we will learn, who this “Sphynx” is. Semyon Mogilevich, for example, might be one of the candidates for this historical role, it looks like; as one of the heads of the Russian Mafia. We should consider a broad spectrum of other actors too, including The Boss himself, the vain V.V.P.  
Image result for sphinx luxor las vegas
Besides and above all other mental associations, the place and the scene of this tragedy do ring with the ancient archetypal memories and the practices of human sacrifice, and the rejecting, self-righteous accusations and criticism: “You worship your Sphinx, your Idols of games, pleasures, excesses, and self-indulgence”. The tone of this murderous hypothetical sermon might sound familiar. 

This place and scene would have a quality of the mass spectacle, have it not been so real. 

And this feature of the Las Vegas and other mass shootings induces, in turn, some thoughts about their possible authorship. The questions arise about the hypothetical spectators also, especially about the ownership of the prime, front row seats in the adjacent Luxor hotel right above or below the Sphinx, which should be the focus of continuous interest on the part of the investigative bodies. 
Michael Novakhov
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sphinx in oedipus rex
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Manhattan truck attack of 10.31.17 – Semantic Analysis of the incident

M.N.: “On the far west side of lower Manhattan…”: The symbolism or the symbolic message of this attack appears to be quite clear… | Manhattan truck attack of 10.31.17 and Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov – News Review

Police say Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, drove a rented Home Depot truck down New York's Houston Street before turning left onto West St and driving down a cycle path, smashing into pedestrians and cyclists
M.N.: The symbolism or the symbolic message of this attack appears to be clear: “The US is like a rented truck speeding down the bicycle lane, after taking a left turn South from Houston (Oh, “how stoned!”) Street onto the West Side Highway (“My way or the highway” – the so-called Reagan Doctrine), with its anti-Russia sanctions (recently expanded against the Russian military-intelligence complex and signed by Trump after four weeks of delay), killing the “innocent victims” (of these sanctions) along the way, and then brandishing two toy (or false, pellet and paintball) guns: apparently the reference to the two recent indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates by the Mueller’s Investigative team. It also contains a threat, just like all the other episodes of this kind, of the future attacks and calamities. This chain of reasoning and the interpretation of the presumed symbolic message of this incident is pretty much consistent with the comments of the Russian officialdom on their implicit indictments in Mr. Mueller’s actions, to which they hurried to plead non-guilty, following their traditional and quite an easy dictum: “Deny, deny, deny.” 
My hunch: Attacks by Uzbek immigrants appear to be disproportionally frequent, which might point to the possible but still hypothetical role of the organizer in the person of “Руслан Саидович Садулаев” who carries and uses many other names, and is reportedly the head of the GRU (Military Intelligence) of Uzbekistan. Presently, he reportedly resides in Turkey, although everything surrounding him and his comrades in “FarWest” is a deep mystery and very likely disinformation. Be all this as it may, it would be very helpful to extract this individual from wherever he is and to try to get the information out of him, which might be rich.
FBI, wake up and start working on all of this in honest. You cannot avoid dealing with this old and painful issues of “The FarWest Group”, their possible and many crimes, including the 9/11, their many and sophisticated covers, and their real, non-ending threat and disruptions. Do not walk endlessly around the bush, get the mf-s and investigate these connections in utmost depth. These people are specially and very well trained, professional high-level military intelligence officers. They are utterly dedicated “to the course” (whatever this course is), and judging from the past episodes, their audacity and brazenness are boundless. Do prevent the next looming disaster.
I have a feeling that Col. Poteyev who was an early member of this group, shared a lot of valuable information.
The whole approach to the investigations of the mass killing episodes has to be reviewed. New, smart, decisive actions have to be taken.
Michael Novakhov
M.N.: Some other issues: Who exactly are the Argentinians in Manhattan truck attack, are there any connections between them and any significant recent events of interest? These might be completely the side issues, but it is worth to explore them. 
“Five of the dead were Argentine tourists, visiting New York as part of a group of friends celebrating the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation, the government there said. Belgium’s foreign minister said a Belgian citizen was also among those killed.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said police will be out in force to protect the city’s marathon on Sunday, one of the world’s top road races, which draws some 51,000 runners from around the globe.
“You’ll see a lot of officers with long guns. Other things you won’t see that are protecting us,” he told MSNBC.”

Image result for Ruslan Saidov
Ruslan Saidov 
При попустительстве Кремля узбекская госбезопасность репрессирует "российских шпионов" в армии Узбекистана
генерал-майор ГРУ МО Узбекистана Руслан Саидов
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