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Ronzoni is no longer making its beloved tiny pastina pasta and fans are really not OK: ‘What am I supposed to do without the lil stars’

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TikTok users mourn the loss of Ronzoni's pastina pastaTikTok users mourn the loss of Ronzoni’s pastina pasta.


  • Ronzoni is discontinuing its popular tiny star-shaped pastina pasta this month. 
  • The company said it was due to a supplier issue and it was “unable to identify a viable option.”
  • Fans are mourning the loss of the pasta on social media and starting petitions to revive it.  

Ronzoni is saying arrivederci to one of its most beloved pastas — the tiny star-shaped pastina.

The brand announced plans to discontinue the pasta this month in an Instagram post shared Tuesday, writing the “difficult decision” was the result of an issue with its supplier and came “after extensive efforts” to prevent having to ditch the product. 

“This wasn’t a decision that we wanted to make,” the company wrote in its post. “Unfortunately, our long term supplier informed us that they would no longer be making Ronzoni Pastina as of January 2023.”

Ronzoni continued: “We searched extensively for an alternative solution but were unable to identify a viable option to make Pastina in the same beloved small shape, size, and standards you have come to expect from Ronzoni.”

Upon hearing the news, distraught fans immediately flooded the post with comments mourning the loss of the pasta, while other pastina enthusiasts took to Twitter and TikTok to eulogize the discontinued product. 


@matcha.ang It’s upsetting, but I’ve always like Barilla better anyways 🇮🇹 #pastina #ronzoni #barilla #italian ♬ MELANCHOLY – White Cherry


And though competing brands like Barilla still make pastina, many remain steadfastly loyal to Ronzoni. 

“yall don’t understand how sad i am that Ronzoni discontinued their pastina,” wrote one Twitter user. “its the only pastina i like. what am i supposed to do without the lil stars.”

“Ronzoni is discontinuing Pastina and my life will never be the same,” wrote another.

“Who cares about your political hot takes. Ronzoni is discontinuing pastina and this must be stopped,” another user exclaimed.

Some even started petitions urging Ronzoni and its parent company, 8th Avenue, to bring the pasta back, citing its importance as a “staple in so many households and people’s childhoods” and its status as an “Italian Penicillin.” 

“Please sign our petition that requests that Ronzoni hold off and ask for the publics help in keeping this delicious pasta on the shelves and most importantly in the belly of its adoring fans,” one petition states

Meanwhile, on eBay, individual Ronzoni pastina boxes are currently selling for upwards of $60, and some social media users are sharing photos of grocery shoppers stocking up on the item before it’s gone. 

—Growing Up Italian (@GrowingUpItalia) January 4, 2023

Still, there may be hope — the brand hinted in its statement that it will continue to try to find a solution.

“Your passion for Ronzoni fuels our passion to deliver for you,” Ronzoni wrote. “We haven’t given up, but as of today we can no longer offer Ronzoni Pastina to our customers. Thank you for your understanding and trust in Ronzoni pasta.”

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