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Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Feb 02 2023

The most notable news articles in full text version.
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Editor’s Column: McGonigal Arrest Reveals Role in 2016 Trump Win – Falls Church News-Press…

Of course, the timing of revelations like this is always an issue (such as in this case, the fact it… 10h

Did the FBI’s Charles McGonigal Help Throw the 2016 Election to Trump?

In the course of writing two books on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, the same question occurred to me… 10h

Compromised investigations a concern after arrest of FBI counterintelligence official

Mary McCord, former acting assistant attorney general for national security at the Department of Justice,… 11h

Don’t Let the FBI Decide the Election

The question of who becomes the president of the United States should be answered by voters, not federal… 12h


UPDATE: A lot more recent info on him based on that Daily Beast article Kallstrom is the NYPD sex… 15h

Did James Kallstrom fix the Election 2016 for Trump for #1.3 ml and the perspectives…

българскиAfrikaansazərbaycanbosanskicatalàČeštinaCymraegDanskDeutscheestiEnglish (United Kingdom)English… 15h

Pro-Trump former FBI official says he’s channeling agents’ rage

But according to a Daily Beast article published Thursday, Kallstrom first denied speaking at all to… 16h

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