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Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  May 02 2023

The most notable news articles in full text version.
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Putin spokeswoman hits back at UK minister’s jibe he has ‘small man syndrome’

Russia’s most prominent diplomat, Maria Zakharova, has gone to war with Britain’s defence secretary Ben… 12h

ChatGPT found to give better medical advice than real doctors in blind study: ‘This…

When it comes to answering medical questions, can ChatGPT do a better job than human doctors?It appears… 18h

Pro-Russian propagandist ID’d as US Navy vet who helped spread Pentagon intelligence…

The FBI is reportedly investigating a former US Navy noncommissioned… 18h

Active shooter incidents decreased in 2022, but number of people shot increased:…

Six people are dead and dozens more injured after a massive pileup Monday in Illinois caused by a sudden… 19h

Обнаружили в неожиданном месте: в Москве задержали миллиардера и сына генерала внешней…

По данным росСМИ, 27 апреля камера с системой распознавания лиц на станции метро “Кутузовская” помогла… 19h

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