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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: The Facebook and their controller the FBI, are paving the royal road to the present and future dictatorship. Wake up, America!

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The Facebook and their controller the FBI, are paving the royal road to the present and future dictatorship. Wake up, America!

By Michael Novakhov

4:03 AM 4/18/2019

Look it up on Google also, because the stupid greedy Facebook does not publish the direct links. Visit all my blogs and sites: see the links at
The Facebook’s editors and their system of CENSORSHIP are the absolute retards, and that is exactly what the New Abwehr and (their long time agent) Putin wanted: to restrict the freedom of information on the Internet. It appears that the FBI is the part of this CENSORSHIP, “for security reasons”, ostensibly; but in fact because The (Stupid) Dogs just cannot resist poking their bulbous noses into everything that is able to excite their doggy attention.
The Stupid Facebook rejects my posts on the ground that they “do not meet the community standards”, while these posts are just the reprints, the  copies of the links to the mainstream press articles from the Google searches. The Facebook runs scared and crazy, the FBI terrorized them to death, and into the construction of the virtual Panopticon Observation Prison cum Jewish Mother + glassy-eyed Jewish Accountant pretending to be the Face Of The World and Mr. Very Sociable himself.
Facebook is the very retarded “social marketplace” for their masses of the retarded customers.
Und ziz iz my Opini’on. 
The question is, my dear America: why do you allow these entities and these people to decide how and with whom you should communicate, what news you should read, and what friends you should make?
Isn’t it much too much? Isn’t it one of the roots of our current troubles?
Facebook has to be broken up, just like AT&T was, they became the dangerous social media and communications (!!! – that’s what is important) monopoly. Replace it with the non for profit business model, make it better, truly social, and maybe even “socialist”, it would fit it to the T.
Investigate the investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI now!
FBI is a very sick, Mafia and Nazi style type of the organisation staffed with shrewd but brainless and soulless psychopaths. It has to be studied and researched in depth. Their sick, unlawful, low, cynical, gypsy mentality type “secrets” and “mysteries” have to be exposed and revealed. This stupid, brainless, ever hungry, dysfunctional, ugly Beast feeds on America and her people. They are worse than KGB and Gestapo, and they are stupider too.
Their “hair analysts” gave the wrong testimonies and sent the innocent people to prison simply because they wanted to “make the grade”, to please their superiors, and to move up the ladder. Read about it, including my blogs and sites.
They have to be destroyed, abolished, and those who deserve it should be prosecuted themselves. I could not and still cannot believe that all this, including their infamous COINTELPRO “operations” were happening in America!
And in addition to all that, they are simply incompetent and are not able to carry out their duties properly. 
I also think that the FBI is the major threat to the sanity and the mental health of the American people. 
The FBI “COINTELPRO specialists” literally and deliberately drive you crazy, and those very talanted artistic nincompoops sincerely believe, in accordance with their limited intellectual capacities, that this is exactly their job to do.
They became the inspiring model for the many monstrous “secret security services” around the world, and lately for the Israeli private spying firms who developed and expanded ad criminal absurdum the COINTELPRO tactics and techniques. Read about those firms activities and interference in 2016 Elections.
And you better investigate all of the above, my dear America!
After I posted this tirade, the stupid FBI panicked and blocked my websites. They managed to brake into The FBI News Review  and messed it up. Thank you, the Great American Democracy and the Great American Freedom of Speech! Thank you Obama, and the rest of you!
Now my sites are up again; visit them and read my posts and pages! 
But first, they have to be investigated, and very thoroughly.
4.15 – 4.18.19

Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠

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