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Walker, Warnock make final case to Georgia voters

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ATLANTA (NewsNation) — Georgia voters on Tuesday will decide the final Senate contest in the country, choosing between Democratic Raphael Warnock and Republican football legend Herschel Walker. This runoff concludes a four-week runoff blitz that has drawn a flood of outside spending to an increasingly personal fight.

Walker took the stage one final time to address supporters Monday night, promising the crowd in Kennesaw that if they send him to Washington, better days are coming.

“I’m not going to sleep tonight because before a big game I don’t sleep, because I’m ready. So, I want y’all to get ready,” Walker said.

For weeks, he’s covered the state — and Georgian Terry Moon is praying change is on the way.

“Just look around. The whole world is crazy. We got to bring some normalcy back to this,” Moon said.

For Sen. Raphael Warnock, his final stop was in Atlanta. In the heart of Georgia’s Democratic base, the reverend vowed that if he goes back to Washington, the people who made it happen won’t regret it.

It’s been a long campaign for Georgia’s incumbent senator, who’s seeking his first full six-year term in DC. Brittany Bowling hopes he gets it.

“We need people who are going to stand up and give us affordable health care,” Bowling said.

Now, the fate of the final Senate seat up for grabs is in the hands of the voters. Election Day for the runoff has arrived at last.

Coming into the grand finale, nearly two million ballots are already in the can — thanks to early and absentee voting.

Democrats showed an expected turnout edge among these voters — with about 52 percent of the votes in coming from registered Democrats, while 39 percent were from Republicans.

The GOP, however, is banking hard on Election Day turnout — that’s why the national RNC made one final push on Election Day eve.

Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley are pleading for Republicans to vote at all costs.

“I want you to do what the sign says and flood the polls on December 6th,” Haley said.

But Democrats have their own big game assist in the 11th hour. President Joe Biden, who has been absent from the trail these last four weeks, called into a local Atlanta radio station.

“It really is critical because look, all the things Reverend Warnock has supported are things the people of Georgia care a great deal about,” he said.

The Senate race between Warnock and Walker was too close to call after the Nov. 8 election. The runoff election is taking place Tuesday.

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