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What are Republicans planning with their newly won control of the House?

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(NewsNation) — Having won control of the House, Republicans set plans in motion to push their agenda forward. On the roster is tackling inflation, securing the border crisis, addressing crime and, most prominently, launching investigations into President Joe Biden’s administration with seeds of impeachment already being planted.

However, the GOP’s slim margin of victory will make these plans difficult to execute. Current House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is hoping to keep the Republican Party united around these goals. Yet some members aren’t sold on the impending investigations, making McCarthy’s rise to House speaker uncertain.

Biden administration Investigations

House Republicans have investigations lined up for everything from the sudden pulling out of Afghanistan, origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hunter Biden’s business dealings and most notably, the Department of Homeland Security.

Republicans are eager to initiate impeachment proceedings for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who has come under fire for dangerous border policies. Mayorkas continues to maintain that the border is secure and expresses no plans to resign amid the calls to impeachment.

If elected Speaker of the House, McCarthy may also use the opportunity to shift blame away from former President Donald Trump regarding the Jan 6 Capitol attack, shifting the narrative in a way that allows the party to rally behind the presidential hopeful. 

Southern border

Legislation to increase security at the southern border will be at the top of the Republican agenda, with McCarthy slated to introduce a border control bill as his first order of business. 

House Republicans vow to “fully fund effective border enforcement strategies, infrastructure and advanced technology” to stop the flow of migrants into the U.S. Elimination of welfare incentives for migrants and addressing the fentanyl crisis have also been specifically mentioned, whereas talks of expanding the border wall doesn’t appear in the initiatives. 


McCarthy’s agenda calls for investing in the police force to address rising crime rates. Republicans have said they will fund the recruiting and training of 20,000 police officers, recommitting to supporting police departments who are increasingly facing a staffing crisis

Although Republicans attribute the “defund the police” movement and “soft-on-crime” policies to Democrats, McCarthy’s plan could be a moment for bi-partisan cooperation. Last November, Biden signed a trio of bills providing additional support to police, which were supported by legislators on both sides of the aisle. 


With inflation driving the Republican message during the 2022 elections, GOP House members want to greatly cut spending to curb the country’s record-breaking debt and reduce inflation. 

Though he failed to specify the legislation that would be brought forward, McCarthy and other House Republicans have made statements outlining a desire to move America towards energy independence. With oil prices high and production down, McCarthy’s agenda would “maximize production of reliable, American-made energy” and “cut the permitting process in half to reduce the reliance on foreign countries.”

Along with energy, the GOP has identified emergency humanitarian aid to Ukraine as a point of concern. Though Congress has approved tens of billions in support against the Russian army, future support will likely reduce in a Republican led House. This is part of the GOP’s larger “Commitment to America” ideal. 

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